Are You Ready to re-invent your life?​

Most probably you are here because you want to achieve a particular goal, change or advance your results or even to adopt a new, more practical and effective way of thinking. If that’s the case get ready because that’s exactly what you are going to get!

Sandra is the coach you can trust and rely on as she is a Certified and Accredited NLP Practitioner & Coach, Time Line Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Vision Board Expert, Reiki Master, and Theta Healer, Trainer & Speaker.
Her mission is to help you discover your strengths, talents, and motivations and while working with you, Sandra will make you feel comfortable, understood and enjoy the process.

What Customers say

Sandra helped me to overcome my fears and substantially improve my self-confidence, put my goals, wants and believes in order. As a coach, Sandra has the rare ability to deliver uncommonly original and useful techniques that lead to individuals understanding more about their selves. I will definitely recommend her!

Elena Jnr. Andreou

I felt I was already on the good road using self-learn books and tools. I also wanted to work on some specific aspects of my life with live coach in person. And then Sandra walked into my life, offering just what I wanted. Working one on one with life coach helped me to clear distractions and focus on my specific professional goals and personal life targets.

Kristina Djinovic

3 Steps to re-invent your life, your career, your relationship.


All the past beliefs and learn how to believe in your self


The winning pattern because success is a mind game


The language of Success so you can win often and win big

During this program, you will go through several practices which will help you to believe in yourself, learn practical practices to achieve your goals and remove any and all limiting beliefs.

• Control your state of mind

• Improve your performance and advance in your career

• Communicate effectively, both with yourself and others

• Replace the habits you don’t want with the ones you do

• Overcome obstacles in your personal life

• Experience more success, happiness, freedom, and fulfillment

Your new life starts here

Event Dates

4 of May - Reset

• 9:30 – 14:00
• Poseidonia Beach Hotel
• Limassol

8 of June - Install

• 9:30 – 14:00
• Poseidonia Beach Hotel
• Limassol

13 of July - Master

• 9:30 – 14:00
• Poseidonia Beach Hotel
• Limassol

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Your new life starts here

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