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About Sandra Da Silva

A master in helping people discover their strengths, talents and motivations, Sandra lives to inspire others to create the life they really want. Of course, you naturally want to know who will be the one who is going to be your cheerleader and challenger on your amazing life-changing journey.

Working in the financial industry for almost 30 years, through the various positions right up to management, both in the UK and Cyprus, Sandra was exposed to a diversity of people, cultures and beliefs. This diversity helped her understand the uniqueness of people and their potential as well as the challenges struggles that people faced day to day.

During her successful career in the corporate industry and as a person which people confided in, Sandra knew she had a natural ability to listen, brain-storm and advise. She discovered that many friends and colleagues faced similar problems. They had fears of not being good enough, successful enough, smart enough, talented enough, young enough, old enough, pretty enough, thin enough, rich enough. They were also feeling stuck and demotivated. This was not just impacting their performance at work, but also their personal lives and overall state of mind.

On her journey of personal development, Sandra tried various techniques and methods some that didn’t work and others which did. She invested money on books, courses and gurus in search of improvements that were sustainable and long lasting.

Sandra is a Certified and Accredited NLP Practitioner & Coach, Time Line Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Vision Board Expert, Reiki Master and Theta Healer, Trainer & Speaker. She is passionate, intuitive, compassionate and fun, she quickly gets to the issue and creates clarity, up scales your dreams, removes blocks and excuses and gets results with and for you.

Working internationally, providing clarity, guidance and empowerment for you to become your unique self and reaching your destiny! Using skills methods and techniques that encourages you, to be intentional with everything you do. In order for you to be effective, you must remove negative limiting beliefs about yourself, and life in general. You must create positive thinking patterns, that lead you to feel happy, peaceful and joyous.

With all of this experience and with a genuine desire to make a difference in people’s lives, in the professional world proving business relationship coaching, training and workshops, career coaching and personal life coaching.

Working from a mindset of cooperation and collaboration, rather than competition Sandra has found success within her field. Sandra feels lucky to have a career and life that she loves. It is her mission to help you too, have the life and success you deserve.

Your Cheerleader and Challenger

Life is good and life can also be challenging and often gives us a multitude of questions or situations that we don’t know how to handle.

Even if you have a wide circle of friends and family who are willing to listen to your problems, they may not be equipped to give you good advice. If you want lots of happy talk, call Mom. She will love everything you do. Sure, venting to your best friend can relieve some of your stress, but does that friend give you action steps to follow so you can get out of the stressful situation? Is that same friend objective or are her comments adding to your stress?

If you want to grow, you will want someone who challenges you, someone who will tell you when they think you’re doing something great and how to make it succeed.

A good life coach is a unique combination of best friend, cheerleader and challenger. It might sound like a strange combination at first but when you’re having trouble in any aspect of your life you want someone who can listen carefully to your concerns, will offer a plan of action to relieve the stress and will also encourage you that you CAN make positive changes in your life.

Super essential question to ask when choosing the right coach

Selecting the perfect coach to support, challenge and cheerlead you to your goals is so important.

You have to trust your coach and like their coaching style and feel at ease in sharing this amazing journey to your potential.



    • What is it I want? Getting clarity can be the first goal you can work on with a coach. When you get clear on what you wish to achieve and what would be important to you and look for that in a coach.


    • What kind of coach do I need?.  There’s a coach for everybody out there. Business coaches, holistic, new age, kick ass, relaxation, healer and crystal coaches. What would suit you and your style? I coach with humour, insight and intuitively. I use all the different tools, skills and techniques that I have gained to get to the core issue quickly and effectively. I challenge, and I go gently too, my goal is to get you to where you want to be on your terms.


    • What results have they achieved with other clients? Do look at the Success Stories and if need be, ask to speak to a satisfied client. On my website you will see many testimonials from all types of people and different stages in their lives. Let their stories guide you.


    • Does the coach have a coach? Yes. Always. When I first graduated I hired the best coaches I could afford in order to learn from the masters. I still have a coach to help pull me up to greater levels and keep me at my best.


  • What does my heart say? You should feel connected, optimistic, thrilled, excited and really engaged with the idea of working with your coach. Coaching is a serious business, and it can also be fun, enlightening and deeply life changing. You should feel truly joyous to be working with the coach of your choice. It’s your life so choose the right coach to make it a truly awesome one!

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