About Sandra

Everything I do goes into YOUR SUCCESS

Hey there, I’m Sandra

Lover of a good americano, mother to two beautiful children, and a slave to my two fur babies.

I am on a mission to help women shed limitations, fear, overthinking, stress and anxiety and create exponential growth, with confidence & self-worth. Activating your next level of extraordinary success in your life.

How it all began.

I have spent 30 years working in the corporate world, this experience is a part of my life training which has prepared me for what I do today. I had the pleasure (most of the time) working with people from all over the world, gaining an understanding of “people” as well as developing skills in leadership and communication.  While this was rewarding, it did not ignite my soul. Somewhere deep inside I knew I was supposed to be making a difference in peoples lives, I just didn’t know HOW. 

The institution I was working for closed, and this was a major turning point in my life. I was now jobless and had no idea what was next. At the time I didn’t know that this was a blessing in disguise as it led me on the most incredible journey of becoming who I am today.

Faced with uncertainty, broken after my divorce, lacking confidence and direction. Not to mention the fears and limiting beliefs that kept me imprisoned within my own mind. The constant self-sabotaging thoughts, that always played over and over; you know the ones, “you’re not good enough, who do you think you are? you’re a failure, you’re not intelligent or smart, you’re not destined to be successful or abundant.”

Fast forward to the present day and ……………….HELL YES I am successful, HELL YES I am intelligent, HELL YES I am financially abundant, HELL YES I am abundant in health and love and so much more.

Was it easy, I would be lying to you and myself if I say yes, was it worth it HELL YES!!

I am here to show you how, so that you can achieve more of what YOU want, freeing up time to spend with your family, friends, hobbies and (yes!) quiet time just for you.

I have an expansive toolbox of techniques, which enables me to assist you holistically. I am a Certified and Accredited NLP Practitioner & Coach, Timeline Therapist, Hypnotherapist, Certified Life Coach, Vision Board Expert, Reiki Master, Emotion Code Practitioner, Trainer & Speaker.

What makes me different, the experience growing from being broken and unhappy to being successfully abundant in my life. My love and loyalty to my clients. Refusal to settle for anything but the best, with a no BS attitude.  

Are you ready to unleash greater personal power & potential?

The time for shedding all limitations, creating miracles and magic in your life & business
Is right now!

What can you gain working with me?

Enhanced NLP Coach Practitioner Training

NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) is the study of how we think, how we process and store our thoughts and the language and processes or strategies that we use, which result in how we act and behave in our life on a day to day basis.

SDS Training Academy offers a full range of acredited and certified NLP Practitioner training courses by the American Board of NLP in Limassol on several dates throughout the year.  

NLP training courses will provide you with effective, practical tools and techniques that can be applied to any area of your life – business or personal.


Sandra is compassionate, warm, and supportive
I was dissatisfied with my life and career for a long while, Sandra encouraged me and challenged me to remember who I used to be. We worked setting new goals together based on my interests and hobbies, what brought me alive, what ignited my passion from within. I am looking forward to whatever comes next and view life as the adventure that I create.
Alexandrina Ivanova
Sandra has helped me change my life
Working with Sandra has helped me change my life in ways I never dreamed possible. We face challenges personally or professionally. Sandra’s a compassionate, intuitive person and has an incredible empathic ability to help others sort through these difficult or challenging circumstances. She helped me identify my goals and encouraged me to go after my dreams.
Justina Wojno
The experiences with Sandra were exhilarating
I know Sandra was put in my life to assist me on my path of spiritual growth. She is extremely insightful and has an amazing gift for channelling energy. With each session, I gained clarity on my true potential and soul purpose. I leave our time together with a feeling of gratefulness that brings tears to my eyes.
Amy Savva
Sandra has an upbeat manner and is very positive.
Sandra has an upbeat manner and is very positive. It was great to look at my life holistically and then focus down on the areas that I really wanted to improve. I was able to remove huge barriers and limitations, gain self-confidence and self-worth. Activating my limitless potential both in my life and career. I’m a totally in control over my life.
Thank you for everything! Keep shining your light!
For me Sandra is not only a life coach she is also a guardian angel. She is charismatic, kind and a sunshine in peoples lives. Thats what she brought in my life. She helped me in so many ways to rediscover my self, to find the light again and also find the way to my highest self. There are not enough words to describe the love and the graditute i feel for Sandra.
Evagoras Nicolaou
I’m really grateful for your help Sandra.
All the sessions that I had with Sandra from the beginning till end were amazing. Sandra is an incredible life coach who made me realize that I have the capability to reach my goals and never give up chasing my dreams. She helped me beat stress and stop feeling overwhelmed by showing to me remarkable techniques.
Anna Cortesi
She is incredible.
Sandra's coaching has had a profound impact on my life. I could not be happier about choosing her as a spiritual life mentor who showed me new ways of seeing things, helped me narrow ideas and take important decisions in my life path. Sandra's work is powerful and I highly recommend her to anyone feeling lost or overwhelmed with anything showing up in their way.
Ellie Georghiadou
Sandra is definitely the kind of person we all need in our lives
I met Sandra 2 days after I had lost my job and felt lost and disoriented. Initially she helped me to keep smiling and to keep focusing on important matters. Subsequently, during the job search process, she was the best support I could ever wish for. Always positive and enthusiastic, so genuine and the most ardent believer in my capabilities and intelligence.
Elena Andreou
Sandra has the rare ability to deliver uncommonly original and useful techniques
I can compare Sandra with the world's premier coaches on Personal Development. I did one series of workshops with Sandra, but I am looking forward for her next seminars and workshops. She helped me to overcome my fears and substantially improve my self-confidence, put my goals, wants and believes in order.
Liuda Boicova
She is indeed exceptional
In just a few short months of working with Sandra, I have experienced what I can only describe as exponential internal growth. She is very empathic and professional. My sessions with her helped me truly move forward with life. She has a versatile tool box that can help anyone, releasing my fears and anxiety to gaining clarity, focus and confidence in life. I am blessed our paths have crossed. She is indeed exceptional

the one thing that changes everything is
your awareness