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NLP for Business Excellence

NLP is an essential addition to the skillset of leaders, managers, team supervisors, HR managers and internal trainers, providing practical methods to enable individuals and teams to tap into their deeper potential. The wide scope of this field enables flexibility to navigate complex and varied relationships within the working environment.

From setting strategic direction through to identifying fundamental behaviour expectations, NLP models help with aligning your business activity to organisational goals providing frameworks for managing performance and positively influencing group and individual motivation.

Learning how to use language in a way that provides universal appeal encouraging pro-actively fulfil their role in achieving business KPI’s. The language models used in NLP provide skills whereby the induvial will learn to diver communication in a way that the recipient receives and understands he message.

identify how, why and where miscommunication can arise… and what you can do to counteract this. Attending to subtle non-verbal and verbal communication cues can make the difference between clarity and confusion, transparency and opacity. NLP skills take your emotional intelligence to a new level.

So in as much as NLP tools can be used remedially, NLP Professionals working within businesses predominantly recognise that at some level, the client already has the resources required to be successful and for this reason NLP supports a coaching culture. The role of the in-house NLP professional is to provide the tools, listening and targeted questioning to surface the appropriate insight and to share models and techniques to encourage clear communication, motivation and self-sufficient teams.

Being able to extract “the difference that makes the difference” enables high performance – taking coaching and reflection beyond analysis of surface level transactions.

This is an overview to give a sense of how much there is to gain with the application of NLP in business.

  • Building Rapport
  • The Conscious Use of Language
  • Eliciting and Anchoring Positive States
  • Belief Change
  • Multiple Perspectives
  • Reframing
  • step sales process
  • Negotiating and Influencing
  • The Meeting Format
  • Presenting Magically

NLP has proven to be a powerful tool in sales and business leadership, enabling and creating more aligned teams with higher motivation, uncovering the source of and solving business problems, and shedding light on new, innovative perspectives.

NLP has been powerful for determining the essential components of the structure of successful thought leadership, coaching and training thought leaders and thought leading organizations, and in creating powerful campaigns that move the thinking of a marketplace.

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