Success Stories

Sandra helped me to overcome my fears and substantially improve my self-confidence, put my goals, wants and believes in order. As a coach, Sandra has the rare ability to deliver uncommonly original and useful techniques that lead to individuals understanding more about their selves. I will definitely recommend her!
Elena Jnr. Andreou
Digital Marketing Strategist
Charming, inspiring and informative, Sandra captured the attendees’ attention for four whole hours at the seminar which took place on 1st December with great success. Highly recommended for anyone who is at a crossroads of life and about to take life-changing decisions.
Ellie Georghiadou
Certified Accountant
Just Perfect 👌🏻 , great Vibe,great spirit and great way to explain the things.
Evros Christodoulou
Musician / DJ

No matter your background, you can advance!

Sandra is working with a variety of people from all class levels, educational background, profession, both men and women. Because she truly understands that all it takes to make a difference to a whole new life is will and commitment.

Sandra is a delightful coach. Her wisdom and straight up approach helped me get to the root of my issues right away. She's caring and makes you feel at ease, which was important to me. I highly recommend her services.
Delissa Syrimi
Hypnotherapist and Psychotherapist
Thank you for last weeks Vision Board Workshop. I found the Dream Sheet you sent ahead really helpful in getting me focused on what i really wanted to attract in my life. You explained the workbook we each got - clearly, concisely and made this a fun project. I would have liked an extra hour for cutting... I guess that's just me. Many thanks for helping me move forward in my life ! 🙂
Hatzy Joyce
Alternative & Holistic Health Service
"I felt I was already on the good road using self-learn books and tools. I also wanted to work on some specific aspects of my life with live coach in person. And then Sandra walked into my life, offering just what I wanted. Working one on one with life coach helped me to clear distractions and focus on my specific professional goals and personal life targets.
Kristina Djinovic
Managing Director
"Before I meet Sandra, I knew I always had it in me. I knew that I could do good, make a change, enlighten people and she helped me see things from a different perspective more importantly, helped me put theoretical into practical. The way Sandra approached most subjects we talked about made it very easy to help reprogram the mind and restructure the thought process. I couldn’t recommend Sandra enough, even from the slightest and smallest of issues, to overwhelming ones."
Giorgos Christou
"Sandra has a very clear intuitive “see through you” understanding of people and I felt we could really connect. That connection made or conversation flow and along with that came a clear action map. I would whole heartedly recommend Sandra due to her professionalism, her quest for excellence, her ability to see the needs of her clients and deliver a whole range of services in a professional manner."

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